Mercury Global Reports is proud to announce the production of Greece 2021 FDI Acceleration Report for The Washington Times: The Great Hellenic Reset.

200 from the 1821 Revolution, Greece is reviving and repositioning as a regional leader with the support of US investment and diplomacy. 2021 will mark a year when economies return to post-pandemic growth, when Greece rise-up as a source of solutions, and when the new U.S. government increase trade and FDI outflows particularly to the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The Washington Times is one of the most influential newspapers in the United States and it is read daily at the White House, Capitol Hill, Pentagon, federal agencies, think tanks, industry and business associations, foreign embassies and the IMF and World Bank. 

This provides a window of great opportunity for Greece and Greek corporations to attract American investment and create trade partnerships with the US. at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has indicated the need for economic diversification and digitalization.

The upcoming FDI report will highlight opportunities in Greece for US investment and promote trade and business partnerships by featuring relevant government bodies, associations, and corporations.

Follow Mercury Global Reports to stay tuned for updates on 2021’s most anticipated report.

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