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Global PR Outreach

Our Global PR outreach is designed to address the challenge of gaining meaningful media exposure in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace.

Many businesses struggle to get their stories heard by the right audiences, often due to a lack of industry connections, time, or expertise in crafting compelling narratives.

Our service bridges this gap by leveraging our extensive network of media contacts and our expertise in strategic communication. We ensure your brand’s message is effectively communicated and amplified across the right channels, enhancing visibility, credibility, and ultimately driving business growth.

Crafting unique stories

Our stories and narratives always stand out

Elevate your brand’s visibility and credibility

Become known in your target market and industry

Open doors to connect with other industry leaders

Positioning you as ago-to authority for industry insights and advice

Our unparalleled global coverage

“The Mercury Global Reports campaigns are published in some of the most authoritative media publications, and reach people with the power to make decisions, change policies and move capital around the world.”

The Washington Times

Unparalleled influence and widespread distribution among key decision-makers and policy centers in Washington DC

International Business Times UK

Delivers knowledge, analysis and news for UK-based Business Professionals, Executives, Entrepreneurs and Investors

Nikkei Asia

Our editions in Asia’s most influential publication cover the entire ASEAN region

Silicon Valley Business Journal

Bringing the latest breaking business and technology news to Executives, Investors and Entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley

An Assorted Pick of our PR work

Advancing Clean Hydrogen Tech: DOE's $750M Boost
Advance Hydrogen

Advancing Clean Hydrogen Tech: DOE’s $750M Boost

The announcement from the U.S. Department of Energy regarding the distribution of $750 million for…
US Ambassador and Greece Prime Minister
Greece 2021

200 years since the Greek revolution, 200 years of friendship with the US

The bonds between our peoples began when individual American friends of Greece, or philhellenes, rolled…
Greece 2021

Apella: A regional aviation maintenance hub

APELLA was founded in 1987 and has been operating since 1998 as an aircraft maintenance…
Thessaloniki: The Innovation Capital
News and Insights
Thessaloniki: The Innovation Capital of Southerneast Europe
investment opportunities
GEM news
Invest in the Middle East and Africa
Malaysia's Semiconductor Surge
News and Insights
Malaysia’s Semiconductor Surge
Dionissios-Mantzavinos photo
Greece 2021
University of Patras: reshaping its international niche in the aftermath of the pandemic
HYTING's Hydrogen Heating Innovation
Advance Hydrogen
HYTING’s Hydrogen Heating Innovation
Morocco 2022
The doors of Souss Massa region are now open for Israeli investment

Special Reports

Our Special Reports are exclusive supplements featured in leading media publications, dedicated to promoting business, trade, and investment on a global scale. With a mission to unlock untapped potential and uncover new opportunities, these reports provide invaluable insights and analysis for forward-thinking entrepreneurs, investors, and decision-makers.

Browse through our comprehensive collection of Special Reports and unlock the potential for business growth, trade expansion, and lucrative investments around the globe.

ASEAN 2023

New Jersey 2022

Africa 2022

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We have a long track record of wide-reaching effects.

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