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July 16, 2024

New UK Investment Plan Attracts Infrastructure Investors

Last week, Rachel Reeves, the UK’s first female Chancellor, unveiled an ambitious plan to enhance…
June 25, 2024

China’s FDI Drops, Competitiveness Rises

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in China fell by 28.2%, amounting to 412.5 billion yuan (approximately…
June 18, 2024

Peckham Launches Rosebank in London

The founders of Melrose Industries, a leading investment group in Britain, are preparing a new…
June 17, 2024

Fabrum Partners with Toyota

Fabrum, a company based in New Zealand, has entered into an agreement with Toyota to…
June 12, 2024

UK Top in Digital FDI

The UK remains Europe’s top destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in digital technology, according…
June 11, 2024

AHT Group Hydrogen Generator

Advanced Hydrogen Technologies Group conducted an independent trial of its hydrogen generator on a Class…