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The Mercury FDI Tox

Executive Podcast

by Mercury Global Reports

Premier Executive Podcast

The Mercury FDI Tox is a premier podcast that explores the intricate world of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), offering valuable executive insights through insightful discussions with prominent corporate and government personalities around the globe.

The Podcast also features the Advanced Hydrogen Special Episode series, promoting investments and business partnerships in the hydrogen industry as a means towards a greener, zero-emissions future for our societies and industries.

The Mercury FDI Tox is committed to championing sustainable investments that go beyond mere financial returns. We believe in fostering a harmonious balance between economic growth, social well-being, and environmental stewardship.

By promoting responsible investment practices, we aim to contribute to the development of resilient communities, a thriving economy, and a healthier planet. .

Distribution Channels

The Mercury FDI Tox Podcast transcends boundaries, aiming to resonate with a diverse audience across various platforms. With each distribution channel meticulously tailored to cater to distinct preferences, we aim to reach millions of potential listeners and viewers worldwide.


With its expansive user base spanning over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube offers a dynamic platform for our podcast in its original video form, attracting viewers seeking informative discussions in a visually compelling format.

Apple Podcasts

With over 1 billion Apple devices in active use globally, our podcast on this platform targets individuals who appreciate seamless integration with their devices and seek insightful conversations in audio format


As one of the largest streaming platforms globally, Spotify presents an opportunity to reach a vast audience of podcast aficionados. With over 345 million monthly active users, our podcast on Spotify caters to listeners who appreciate curated playlists and personalized recommendations.

Our Guests

Global Economists
Discussing economic trends influencing FDI
Investment Promotion Executives
Sharing the latest developments in FDI attraction and retention
Renewable Energy Experts
Highlighting investment opportunities in Hydrogen and other clean-energy sources
Business Leaders
Unveiling the motivations and driving factors behind their foreign investment decisions
Legal Experts
Discussing regulatory landscapes and legal challenges

Our Audience

Business Executives
Seeking insights into global business expansion
Investors and Fund Managers
Interested in international investment opportunities
Investment Promotion Specialists
Looking for contemporary and innovative ways to lure foreign investors
Students and Academia
Those studying and researching on international business and economics
Policy Makers
Staying informed about the impact of regulations on international business

Past interviews with

corporate council on africa

“It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Marios Tsokkos, Managing Director at Mercury Global Reports. Marios displayed excellent skills, experience, and professionalism. His guidance was crucial to the success of the interview. I am confident that other participants will find it beneficial to be interviewed for the Mercury Global Reports!”

Lital DaganCEO of Israel Hedge Fund Association
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We invite industry trailblazers to share their expertise in FDI and International Business

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