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"There’s virtually no challenge, I think, that Kenya and the United States can’t meet together and improve the circumstance, no matter what it is: climate change, technology, economic development, good health, the whole question of counterterrorism, clean energy — all of which we’re working on together, and you’re leading on as well."

President Joe Biden
Remarks before meeting with President Ruto

Kenya-US PR Campaign: Celebrating 60 years of partnership

Following President Ruto's recent state visit to Washington, D.C, to mark the 60 years of the official U.S.-Kenya partnership, we are excited to initiate the Kenya PR Campaign aiming to establish credibility, build reputation and increase visibility for Kenyan organizations in Washington DC and across the United States.

Key highlights

Commercial and Investment Partnership

The impending signing of a U.S.-Kenya Commercial and Investment Partnership, focused on infrastructure, agriculture, and the digital economy.

New Investments

A new framework agreement with Coca-Cola, celebrating 70 years in Kenya and a new $175 million investment.

DFC office in Nairobi

The opening of a DFC office in Nairobi, which will enhance development in sectors like agriculture, health, and energy.

AGOA’s benefits for Kenyan businesses expanding in the US

The success of Kenyan businesses like Vivo Fashion, now expanding to the U.S. under AGOA.

Invest in Kenya, nairobi

Kenya PR Campaign aims to establish credibility, build reputation and increase visibility for Kenyan organizations in Washington DC and across the United States.

The U.S.-Kenya trade and investment partnership is a cornerstone of our mutual success, creating jobs, fostering economic growth, and driving innovation. This partnership spans from large corporations to small businesses and covers key sectors such as clean energy technology, agriculture, and affordable housing.

We are making significant strides with the U.S.-Kenya Strategic Trade and Investment Partnership (STIP), aiming to increase investment and promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Both nations are committed to concluding a high-standard agreement by the end of 2024, benefiting workers, consumers, and businesses, including micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises.

Moreover, USAID is investing $15 million in new initiatives to boost food security and nutrition in Kenya, creating over 50,000 jobs and catalyzing significant agricultural growth.

Your participation in this PR campaign will showcase the strength and potential of our partnership, highlighting the positive impact on both nations. We believe your organization’s involvement will be invaluable in demonstrating the depth of our economic and cultural ties.

Unrivaled Authority

The Power of The Washington Times

A special report on Kenya, highlighting trade and investment opportunities as well as selected corporations from key sectors will be published in The Washington Times, the authoritative publication which distributes directly to the US Congress and Senate, the White House, IMF and World Bank offices as well as many corporate headquarters in DC.

Unparalleled influence and widespread distribution among key decision-makers and policy centers in Washington DC. It recently ranked among the top 10 most trustworthy media organizations, worldwide.

110 thousand print readers

Including: US Senate, US Congress, White House, IMF, World Bank, Foreign Embassies, Industry Associations, Corporate HQs

30 million website visitors

Including: readers from 195 countries, domain authority score 87%

1.1 million social media followers

Including: 731k FaceBook, 450k X (Twitter), 12k YouTube, 11k LinkedIn

Proud to have worked with

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