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2023 Real GDP (Change from 2022)


Israel GDP (2023, in USD)


Israel inward FDI (2022, in USD)


Value of outward FDI flows from Israeli companies n companies abroad (2023, in USD)

Why target Israeli investors

In 2023, Israeli companies significantly increased their investments abroad. During the first half of the year alone, institutional investors transferred approximately $8.1 billion out of Israel. This shift was largely driven by political instability and unfavorable economic conditions within Israel, prompting investors to seek better returns in foreign markets​​. Furthermore, the broader trend of Israeli outward FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) saw companies and investment funds strategically positioning their capital internationally, leveraging opportunities in various global markets​.​

Despite geopolitical challenges and a 23% drop in Tech FDI in 2024, the country continued to be an appealing destination for investors, particularly in its high-tech and innovative sectors.

Sustainability is a priority, and Israel is working towards green and sustainable economic development. This involves clean energy solutions, resource efficiency, and environmentally friendly policies.

To reduce reliance on specific industries, Israel seeks to diversify its economy by nurturing sectors such as renewable energy, healthcare, biotechnology, and agriculture technology

The future of inward and outward FDI in Israel will depend on a complex interplay of domestic policies, global economic trends, geopolitical developments, and technological advancements. However, Israel’s strong track record of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and supportive business environment positions it well to continue attracting and engaging in FDI activities both domestically and internationally.

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Our Israel Campaign audience

Our dedicated Israeli audience includes Fund Managers, Investment Funds, Technology companies, as well as SMEs and Startups looking for their first international step

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We organize your own networking event in the Israel with the presence of Israeli executives, investors and government officials

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Our expert team will represent you in the most prestigious business conferences in Israel

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We will interview your Chief Executive and prepare a powerful content portal featuring articles, videos, infographics, and lead generation form

Social Media Campaigns

We will leverage the power of social media to increase the outreach of your campaign, both organically and strategically sponsored

LinkedIn Online Networking

We are members and contributors to some of the most empowering Israeli Business Groups on LinkedIn. We will utilize our access to these groups to push your content directly to the screens of Israeli executives

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