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Saudi Arabia

Shaping Tomorrow’s Prosperity Today: Saudi Arabia’s Economic Evolution


2023 Projected Real GDP (Change from 2022)


2023 Projected Inflation (Change from 2022)


2023 Unemployment Rate


FDI Inflows (2022, in USD)
sources: IMF & UNCTAD

The Vision 2030 initiative outlines the country’s plan for transformation and modernization, with goals that include developing a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation, all while maintaining its Islamic heritage

Saudi Arabia is actively working to attract foreign investment, opening up its markets and welcoming international businesses, which is expected to drive economic growth and create opportunities for both domestic and foreign investors

Saudi Arabia is focused on diversifying its economy beyond oil by investing in various sectors, such as technology, tourism, renewable energy, and entertainment, to reduce its dependence on oil revenues

The country is investing in its young population, providing them with education and skills to participate in the workforce, foster innovation, and contribute to the nation’s economic development

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