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Forging Prosperity with Vision


2023 Projected Real GDP (Change from 2022)


2023 Projected Inflation (Change from 2022)


2023 Unemployment Rate


FDI Inflows (2022, in USD)
sources: IMF & UNCTAD

Under Vision 2040, the country is focusing on developing non-oil sectors such as tourism, logistics, manufacturing, and mining. This diversification is intended to create a more resilient and sustainable economy

Oman places a strong emphasis on investing in its human capital. Vision 2040 includes initiatives to enhance education and skills development to create a highly skilled and competitive workforce. This investment in human capital is seen as critical to driving economic growth and innovation

Oman is working on eco-friendly practices, promoting renewable energy, and conserving its unique natural landscapes to support a sustainable future

Oman seeks to promote private sector growth and entrepreneurship. The vision includes measures to improve the ease of doing business, reduce bureaucratic barriers, and enhance the role of the private sector in driving economic development

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