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Rebuilding Iraq, Fueling Prosperity


2023 Projected Real GDP (Change from 2022)


2023 Projected Inflation (Change from 2022)


2023 Unemployment Rate


FDI Inflows (2022, in USD)
sources: IMF & UNCTAD

Iraq’s future vision emphasizes the development of its workforce through education and skills training. Enhancing the quality of education and creating opportunities for skill development is seen as essential for meeting the demands of a modern, diversified economy

Iraq seeks to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) to stimulate economic growth. The economic vision includes creating a more business-friendly environment, simplifying regulations, and offering investment incentives to encourage both domestic and foreign investors to participate in the country’s development

Iraq’s economic vision involves significant investments in infrastructure. This includes improving transportation networks, energy production and distribution, and basic services like water and electricity. Infrastructure development is crucial for attracting foreign investment and supporting economic growth

Iraq recognizes the need to reduce its heavy dependence on oil exports. The future vision includes diversifying the economy by developing non-oil sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and services. This diversification is aimed at creating a more resilient and sustainable economy

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