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Revitalizing Greece’s Economic Heritage


2023 Projected Real GDP (Change from 2022)


2023 Projected Inflation (Change from 2022)


2023 Unemployment Rate


FDI Inflows (2022, in USD)
sources: IMF & UNCTAD

Greece’s vision involves diversifying its economy beyond traditional sectors like tourism and shipping. This includes supporting entrepreneurship, promoting research and development, and expanding into knowledge-based industries such as technology and green energy

Greece seeks to enhance its tourism sector by promoting sustainable and high-value tourism offerings. This includes improving infrastructure, preserving cultural heritage, and attracting environmentally conscious tourists

Greece is focused on transitioning to cleaner energy sources and investing in renewable energy projects, such as wind and solar power. This shift aligns with broader European Union objectives for reduced carbon emissions

Greece aims to harness the potential of digital technology and innovation to drive economic growth. This includes supporting startups, expanding broadband access, and facilitating e-governance to enhance business and administrative efficiency

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