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Strategic Campaigns

In today’s fiercely competitive global landscape, the race to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and forge Global Partnerships has become an ongoing, high-stakes endeavor. This dynamic and long-term process demands relentless efforts and targeted strategic promotion, as nations and corporations vie for limited foreign capital and sought-after business alliances.


Our Campaigns are meticulously tailored to their objectives and cover the entire pre-investment promotion cycle as well as offering expert networking and trusted relationship management.

FDI Accelerator

A comprehensive FDI promotion, attraction and acceleration campaign. We do all the hard work for Investment Promotion Agencies and Economic Development Organizations, helping them build awareness on investment opportunities and enhance foreign investor confidence to their locations.

SME Global Expansion

A cost-cutting and time-saving global promotion solution designed specifically for Small-Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), helping them make informed strategic decisions to expand to new markets and win international partnerships.

G.EM. Region Campaigns

Our Regional Campaigns focus on the Gulf and Eastern Mediterranean areas and are tailor-made to showcase the unique strengths of these vital and dynamic regions and facilitate interactions for investment, business, and economic growth.