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“ Hydrogen holds the promise of a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable world. Its potential is limited only by our imagination and determination”

Mercury Global Reports


Advance Hydrogen is a groundbreaking project by Mercury Global Reports dedicated to promoting investments and forging collaborations in the field of Hydrogen, to drive the transition towards a zero-emission world and unlock its vast potential as a clean and renewable energy source.

Technology and R&D

Promoting investments in R&D for improving Fuel Cell efficiency, integrating with Renewables, optimizing production, storage and transportation technologies; and in improving end-user applications


Promoting investments in Hydrogen pipelines, tanker trucks, and cryogenic containers


Promoting investments in Hydrogen production through Natural Gas Reforming, Electrolysis, Biomass Gasification as well as Coal Gasification, Water-Gas Shift Reaction, and more

Storage & Distribution

Promoting investments in tanks and cylinders storage as well as distribution via pipelines, filling stations, and trucks

Enormous Potential


Number of Clean Hydrogen Projects as of May 2023


Investment Opportunity in Clean Hydrogen by 2030


% of announcements that reached final investment decision to secure funding

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Fresh From The Industry


Cepsa's Clean Hydrogen Vision
Advance HydrogenNews and Insights

Cepsa’s Clean Hydrogen Vision

Spanish energy company, Cepsa, is advocating for the swift implementation of policies aimed at fostering…
Advance HydrogenNews and Insights

HDF Energy and Falcon Capital Dakhla Hydrogen Project

Left: Damien Havard, CEO of HDF Energy, Right: Majid Slimani Founder and President of Falcon…
Air Liquide and ENEOS
Advance HydrogenNews and Insights

Air Liquide and ENEOS: Accelerating Japan’s Hydrogen Transition

Air Liquide and ENEOS Corp. recently made their collaboration official by signing a Memorandum of…

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