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Fabrum, a company based in New Zealand, has entered into an agreement with Toyota to provide its liquid hydrogen storage technology. This collaboration is significant for both companies and marks a new step in their efforts to advance hydrogen technology.

Fabrum’s technology is versatile and supports end-to-end hydrogen production and refueling systems. These systems have already been used by major players in aviation, heavy transport, and industry. This new partnership with Toyota builds on Fabrum’s previous success in the field.

Previously, Fabrum collaborated with Obayashi Corporation, another Japanese company. Together, they developed a dual-pressure hydrogen refueling technology for a project in Auckland. This project demonstrated Fabrum’s ability to create innovative hydrogen solutions and set the stage for further collaborations with Japanese companies.

“This order from Toyota is a milestone for us,” said Dr. Ojas Mahapatra, CEO of Fabrum. “Toyota is a leader in new technologies and innovations for future mobility. This partnership signals the beginning of our relationship and highlights the potential of our technology.”

Additionally, Dr. Mahapatra will join a delegation of top New Zealand business leaders traveling to Japan with the country’s Prime Minister, Rt Hon Christopher Luxon. The Prime Minister praised the collaboration, saying, “This partnership showcases the potential of New Zealand’s decarbonization technologies in combating climate change. It also highlights the important role Japanese companies can play in our economy.”

Moreover, last year, Fabrum secured $23 million in a Series A funding round. This round was led by AP Ventures, Fortescue Future Industries, K1W1, and Obayashi. This funding will help Fabrum continue to develop and expand its hydrogen technologies.

In conclusion, Fabrum’s partnership with Toyota is a significant step forward for both companies. It highlights the potential of hydrogen technology and the importance of international collaboration in advancing these technologies. With continued support and investment, Fabrum is well-positioned to lead the way in hydrogen storage and refueling solutions.

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