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Advanced Hydrogen Technologies Group conducted an independent trial of its hydrogen generator on a Class 08 locomotive in the UK. This trial was done in partnership with the Harry Needle Railroad Company. During the first week, AHT used its R4 Generator to clean the train by removing residual carbon buildup. After this initial cleaning, they added a carbon capture device to the locomotive.

The results of the study showed promising improvements. Overall gas emissions reduced by 22%, and heavy particulates decreased by 20%. Additionally, diesel efficiency improved, resulting in an 8% savings.

Ben Kattenhorn, the CEO of AHT, highlighted the significance of these results. He pointed out that the rail sector faces intense scrutiny regarding emissions. However, the Engine Carbon Clean and Capture technology offers an immediate solution. This technology not only restores engine efficiency and power but also lowers maintenance costs. It extends the lifespan of assets and aligns with the new Environmental, Social, and Governance requirements set by the International Financial Reporting Standards Mandate.

Kattenhorn also mentioned that the benefits of this technology improve over time. He referenced a recent 18-month study on heavy goods vehicles, which showed a reduction of the worst emissions and particulates by over 91%. The trial for the locomotive included a baseline reading, which was then compared to the readings after fitting the R4 hydrogen generator. This comparison revealed an average fuel saving of 8%. Moreover, there were reductions in various harmful emissions: carbon monoxide by 27%, CO2 by 8%, nitric oxide by 22%, nitrogen dioxide by 12%, and formaldehyde by 39%.

Marcus Mayers from HNRC expressed his satisfaction with the trial. He stated that it provided an ideal opportunity to address the challenge of measuring and quantifying the benefits of hydrogen. For years, this challenge had been a significant obstacle. Access to AHT’s specialist technology and the outstanding testing facilities of the Black Country Innovative Manufacturing Organisation provided the necessary data. This data now supports a proven business investment case for upgrading their locomotives.

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