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The Smart Energy Council extends its congratulations to the federal government for releasing the first round of funding to assist Australians in transitioning to smarter, cleaner, and cheaper energy.

This initiative, known as the Household Energy Upgrades Fund, aims to facilitate this transition.

John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council, highlighted the significance of this move. He pointed out that as Australians face rising electricity costs due to fossil fuels, switching to low-cost renewable energy makes more economic sense than ever.

The Council has consistently advocated for support to help households and businesses move away from expensive coal and gas. Electrifying their premises can provide significant financial relief.

Grimes commended Ministers Bowen and McAllister for their efforts. They recognized that reducing emissions with renewable energy not only benefits the environment but also helps consumers lower their energy bills.

He emphasized that smart energy systems, such as heat pumps, solar panels, and batteries, are the most effective ways to reduce power bills. However, many people need assistance to afford these technologies.

Grimes stressed the importance of including everyone in the energy transition. Those who cannot afford the switch should not be left behind.

The Council also congratulates Plenti, a member company, for being the first financier of the Household Energy Upgrades Fund. Plenti understands the cost-saving benefits of solar and smart energy and plays a crucial role in helping families reduce living expenses.

Today marks the first funding announcement for the Household Energy Upgrades Fund. The Smart Energy Council urges swift expenditure of the remaining funds. This will ensure that Australian families can significantly cut their power bills through smart energy solutions and management. Grimes emphasized the urgency of this initiative.

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