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HYTING has created an innovative air heating system. This system turns hydrogen and oxygen from the air into heat. The company is in the process of securing patents. It has simplified hydrogen use by employing flameless oxidation to generate heat. Their catalytic process is safe, carbon-free, and highly efficient, producing only water as a byproduct.

Furthermore, the solution features a modular, scalable design expected to suit industrial, commercial, and residential applications. The output ranges from 10 to 300kW. Besidesm hydrogen is supplied at the same typical pressures as natural gas, around 1.5 bar. This approach also avoids costly and energy-intensive compression and storage.

Moreover, HYTING is currently testing the prototypes. The first customer trials should begin by the end of 2024 in Germany. Tim Hannig, the founder of HYTING, believes hydrogen can help decarbonize the building sector. He stated, “We’re preparing our technology for the first customer trials, with the ambition to quickly scale to volume production within the next two years.”

What’s more, the system is highly efficient. It generates 37.4kW of heat energy from 1kg of hydrogen. Additionally, it can work alongside heat pumps to form a hybrid, CO2-free heating system. This combination addresses a sector responsible for 15% of global carbon emissions.

Lastly, the integration with heat pumps optimizes installation and running costs. The heat pump can be sized at its most energy-efficient power rating. HYTING’s system will supplement heating output on cold days and manage peak loads. It can also serve as a backup heating source or function as a standalone system.

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