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Mississippi’s unique geology offers an opportunity for significant involvement in renewable energy, particularly green hydrogen. Founded in 2019, Hy Stor Energy aims to utilize the state’s salt domes for hydrogen storage. CEO Laura Luce plans operations mainly in Perry and Smith counties, targeting production commencement by 2026.

Luce envisions Mississippi leading the green hydrogen industry within the next decade. The technology for renewable hydrogen, existing for a century, has recently gained traction with heavy investments from the US and Europe. Federal funding of $9.5 billion, allocated for clean hydrogen development, underscores its potential impact.

According to the Department of Energy’s 2023 roadmap, clean hydrogen can substantially reduce emissions in various sectors. The DOE’s investment in a “green steel” project, utilizing Hy Stor’s hydrogen, highlights its commitment to cleaner energy sources.

Hy Stor intends to utilize solar and wind energy for hydrogen production, ensuring a continuous supply. The company’s operations will initially center around a salt dome in Richton, with plans for expansion to Port Bienville. Political leaders in Mississippi have shown support for Hy Stor’s project, recognizing its potential benefits.

Mississippi’s geology has historically attracted energy investments, from natural gas storage to carbon capture initiatives. Despite the significant cost of over $10 billion, Hy Stor aims to secure long-term agreements with industrial partners for funding.

While not yet receiving government funding, Hy Stor is exploring avenues such as DOE support and renewable energy tax credits. Initial customers for Hy Stor include plastic, maritime, and transport companies, alongside the green steel project.

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