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OpenAI makes its debut in Japan. The company is establishing its inaugural Asian office in Tokyo as announced in their latest blog post. Simultaneously, the company has introduced a tailored version of GPT-4 designed specifically for Japanese.

Expressing its dedication, OpenAI affirmed its commitment to collaborating with local researchers and businesses in Japan. Tadao Nagasaki, formerly of AWS Japan, assumes the role of president at OpenAI Japan, aiming to foster connections with Japan’s tech sector.

The selection of Tokyo as its base, OpenAI explained, grants proximity to influential businesses like Toyota Connected and Rakuten. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, expressed enthusiasm about operating in Japan, highlighting its history of innovation and technological prowess.

Altman emphasized the potential of AI to enhance creativity and productivity across various industries. OpenAI’s optimized GPT-4 for Japanese promises accelerated translation and summarization capabilities compared to GPT-4 Turbo.

Speak, an English tutoring app in Japan, already employs this updated version for faster student feedback. OpenAI noted that this enhancement facilitates more precise and frequent feedback, enhancing user experience.

Additionally, OpenAI’s ChatGPT is integrated into governmental bodies in Japan, including Yokosuka City. Notably, nearly 80% of its employees report increased productivity after implementation.

OpenAI’s expansion extends beyond Asia, with recent office openings in London and Dublin. According to GlobalData, generative AI, like OpenAI’s technology, is projected to be the fastest-growing segment, with revenue expected to reach $33 billion by 2027, representing an 80% CAGR from 2022.

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