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Australia has opened its largest hydrogen electrolyzer manufacturing facility in Queensland. The Gladstone Electrolyser Facility marks a significant milestone, which positions Gladstone as Australia’s hydrogen capital.

Electrolysers split water into hydrogen using electricity. Mark Hutchinson, Fortescue Energy’s CEO, stressed the growing demand for electrolyzers as the world shifts towards decarbonization.

He highlighted the facility’s swift delivery, achieved through collaboration between government and business. The Green Energy Manufacturing Centre in Gladstone is a testament to this collaboration.

Approval for the next phase, PEM50, was granted recently. This 50-megawatt green hydrogen production facility will utilize locally manufactured electrolyzers for local and export markets.

The rise of “green hydrogen” has been crucial in the global pursuit of net-zero emissions. The manufacturing center initially targets a production capacity of 2 gigawatts per annum, with potential to exceed 200,000 tonnes annually.

Stephanie Gray from the Queensland Conservation Council views this facility as part of Queensland’s transition away from coal and gas. She stresses the need for job creation and regional economic sustainability.

Gladstone Mayor Matt Burnett believes the facility will strengthen Gladstone’s position in hydrogen production. Its reputation is spreading on a global scale, attracting attention from regions like Japan and Taiwan.

These projects promise job creation, with 240 positions during construction and 26 ongoing local jobs. With transitions like these, Queensland moves steadily towards a greener future.

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