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An AI Summit, co-hosted by the NJEDA and Princeton University, will take place on Thursday, April 11, 2024. In anticipation, NJEDA and Princeton are requesting input through a Request for Information. They seek insights to bolster the establishment of an AI Hub. They aim to strengthen New Jersey’s prominence in the AI arena and foster innovation in AI technologies. The RFI deadline for responses is May 31.

The AI Hub will unite industry leaders, researchers, and startups to advance research and development in AI. It will also champion workforce development to support the implementation of new AI technologies. Moreover, the AI Hub will provide dedicated accelerator space and promote the use of ethical AI for societal benefit.

NJEDA CEO Tim Sullivan highlighted AI’s potential to drive innovation and economic growth. He stated that New Jersey is well-positioned under Governor Murphy’s leadership to capitalize on this momentum. Sullivan envisions the AI Hub solidifying Central Jersey’s status as a hub for AI activity.

Governor Murphy and Princeton University President Christopher Eisgruber announced plans for the AI innovation hub last December. They aim to leverage Princeton’s strengths in research and technology policy. Besides, the AI Summit at Princeton University will further these objectives by bringing together leaders from various sectors.

Moreover, the AI Hub forms part of Governor Murphy’s broader commitment to position New Jersey as a national AI leader. The AI Task Force, established by Murphy, studies AI technologies and their societal impacts, drawing on the state’s strengths in key sectors.

Additionally, Princeton University Provost Jen Rexford emphasized the integrated nature of the AI Hub, fostering collaboration across academia, industry, and government. Rexford highlighted the importance of feedback to ensure the hub maximizes stakeholder expertise.

The RFI issued by NJEDA and Princeton aims to identify potential partners and resources to catalyze AI activity in the state. It also seeks input on specific sites and financial contributions for the AI Hub’s development and operations.

Lastly, all questions regarding the RFI must be submitted by April 19th, with responses due by May 31st. Potential respondents, including AI developers and higher education institutions, can provide input regardless of location.

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