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Denmark’s Green Hydrogen Systems has achieved a technical breakthrough with its 6MW X-Series alkaline electrolyzer prototype. This paves the way for potential deliveries by the end of 2024.

After months of commissioning, testing, and third-party validation, the company has confirmed the successful technical proof of concept, marking the final step in the process.

Moreover, Peter Friis, CEO of Green Hydrogen Systems, expressed confidence in the milestone. He highlighted its significance in propelling the company’s growth strategy expecting the X-Series to drive revenue starting in 2025.

Installed and tested at GreenLab as part of the EU Horizon-backed GreenHyScale project in Skive, Denmark, the prototype’s success is attributed to dedicated teamwork and collaboration with on-site partners.

In addition, the X-Series is an extension of the A-Series module. It targets projects ranging from 4.5MW to over 100MW, producing up to 107kg of hydrogen per hour at 35 bar. Its multi-stack design enables higher voltages, leveraging power electronics from wind and solar markets.

Post proof of concept, the company plans to conduct further prototype testing to enhance reliability before entering commercial agreements. Besides, Green Hydrogen Systems eyes the first deliveries of the Mark I X-Series version by late 2024 or early 2025.

Lastly, the company recently revised its revenue guidance for 2024 upward following an 8.1MW order for its A-Series electrolyzer. This indicates a positive trajectory for its business operations.

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