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ONEE, a Moroccan electricity and water utility, sealed a pact with renewable energy firms Nareva and GE Vernova. This agreement aims to conduct a feasibility study to replace fuel with green hydrogen to power a 99-megawatt power plant. Situated in Laayoune, the largest city in Western Sahara, this plant holds significance amidst territorial disputes between Morocco and the Algeria-backed Polisario front. Despite the political tensions, the collaboration between Nareva, GE Vernova, and ONEE underscores a shared vision towards sustainable energy solutions.

Furthermore, the partnership asserts that GE Vernova will contribute to the Laayoune power plant’s transition to green energy. The aim is to utilize 100% green hydrogen from Navera’s Laayoune. The plant will support Morocco’s ambitious goal of increasing renewable energy capacity from 40% to 52% by 2030. In a joint statement, the companies highlight the crucial step in Morocco’s broader strategy. They plan to utilize the country’s abundant wind and solar resources for the benefit of the environment and the economy.

Despite Morocco’s dependence on coal for electricity generation, the government has pursued green hydrogen initiatives to diversify its energy portfolio. Last year, renewable energy accounted for only 20% of electricity production. Therefore, the country sees significant room for expansion in the green energy sector. This collaboration reflects Morocco’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and embracing sustainable energy practices.

Moreover, the three companies bring valuable expertise and resources. Their involvement underscores the growing interest among multinational corporations and local entities in investing in renewable energy projects in Morocco and beyond.

Lastly, the feasibility study, expected to span two years, marks the initial phase of this ambitious endeavor. While the financial details of the agreement remain undisclosed, the commitment of all parties involved signals a promising future for green hydrogen technology in Morocco’s energy landscape. As the nation strives to meet its renewable energy targets, partnerships like these are essential for driving innovation and sustainable development in the region.

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