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In an exclusive interview with the CEO of Andes Logistics Integration Mr. Cristobal Huidobro, conducted by Mercury Global Reports and published in The Washington Times, we explore the dynamic growth of the company which is driven by rapid digitalization and a customer-centric focus, strategies that made Andes Logistics Integration a pioneering force in the Chilean and international logistics landscape.

  1. Mr. Huidobro, could you provide an overview of Andes Logistics Integration, including its founding, services, and its position in the Chilean and international logistics industry?

I founded Andes Logistics Integration in Chile in 2006 as a company dedicated to logistics, foreign trade consultancy (commercial, tax, and customs), and national cargo distribution on various scales. Currently, we have offices in Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, the United States, China, and Chile. Our primary services include air, sea, and land transportation, along with storage and distribution.

Some of our achievements showcasing our industry standing include:

  • Among the top 3 in dry cargo maritime exports in Chile.
  • Number 1 export shipper of salmon in Chile.
  • Top 4 in FFW ranking for air cargo exports.
  • Top 10 in imports, with an improved position amid reduced imports from China.
  • Top 5 in maritime imports and air exports in Peru.
  • Consistent number 1 meat exporter in Paraguay for four consecutive years.

In summary, we maintain a robust position in both exports and imports across all regions of operation, consistently ranking among the top 5 in freight forwarder evaluations.

  1. How has Andes Logistics Integration’s collaboration with U.S.-based companies contributed to its growth and reputation? Can you highlight a specific partnership or project as an example?

Andes Logistics Integration is currently the first Latin American company in the sector with fully digital processes. Our partnership with California-based Flexport, the world’s most digitalized company, played a crucial role in achieving this milestone. This collaboration significantly enhanced and streamlined our processes, establishing Andes Logistics Integration as a local hero in Latin America. This strategic alliance with Flexport has been mutually beneficial for both freight forwarders.

  1. In an ever-evolving logistics industry, how does Andes Logistics Integration adapt to new trends and technologies, ensuring competitiveness and maintaining relations with U.S. markets and companies?

Customer relations are paramount for us, and customer input is crucial in guiding our adaptation to industry changes. Our focus on understanding and addressing customers’ needs, combined with our extensive experience and market knowledge from operating in 8 countries, keeps us updated. Constant review and updating of processes, along with staying abreast of industry trends and technological advancements, are key to our adaptability. Our commitment to providing the best solutions aligns with customer preferences.

  1. In conclusion, what core message does Andes Logistics Integration wish to convey to its U.S. suppliers and customers?

The core message is that in our highly technical industry, building strong relationships with suppliers and customers is imperative. Being a service-oriented company, we emphasize the importance of having the right people and maintaining a customer-centric approach. By incorporating technology and innovation, we offer the perfect combination. While we recognize the role of technology, we understand that customers prefer an executive to solve their problems. We provide both options – a person available 24/7 and an accessible platform. With our internal processes being 100% digital, we are confident that U.S. suppliers and customers will choose us for their shipment management needs.

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