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Thessaloniki, a Greek city with a burgeoning reputation as the innovation capital of Southeast Europe, stands out with its three top universities, expansive research centers, and the region’s largest student body. Propelling its status further is a dynamic startup ecosystem that beckons major multinationals, contributing to the city’s transformation into a hub of innovation.

Prominent among the multinational corporations establishing a presence in Thessaloniki are Pfizer, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, Deloitte, and Chubb, all having set up research and development hubs. Additionally, hosting one of Europe’s leading research centers, The Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH), adds another layer of significance to the city’s growing innovation landscape. Excitingly, Thessaloniki is on the cusp of introducing its own 4th generation science and technology park, Thess INTEC, unfolding across a sprawling 75-hectare expanse near the airport.

Moreover, the regional authorities are not merely bystanders in this transformative journey but actively steering Thessaloniki toward becoming an international hub for innovation and cutting-edge technologies. Digital upgrades are underway at universities, research centers, and chambers of commerce, solidifying the city’s commitment to fostering innovation. A pivotal moment in this trajectory was the hosting of the European Business Angels Network’s annual congress in Thessaloniki this spring, co-sponsored by Enterprise Greece.

What attracts foreign business executives to Thessaloniki? It’s not merely the presence of major corporations; rather, it’s the city’s invaluable assets, such as a pool of skilled and talented young individuals, a thriving startup ecosystem, and collaborative efforts with universities and research centers. These factors synergize to create an environment that goes beyond corporate investments, embodying the essence of innovation in Southeast Europe’s burgeoning capital, Thessaloniki.

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