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According to a company statement, Montreal-based renewable energy firm TES CanadaH2 plans to invest CAN$ 4 billion in building an electrolyzer and renewable energy production park in Quebec. The Maurice Project, scheduled to operate in 2028, aims to contribute 3% to Quebec’s greenhouse gas reduction targets by 2030. This will produce 70,000 tons of clean hydrogen annually. Of this, one-third will target decarbonizing heavy transport, managing nearly 10% of Quebec’s emissions. Besides, TES plans to power the project mainly with its 1 GW wind and solar farm.

Similarly, in the United Arab Emirates, renewable energy company Masdar and Emirates Steel Arkan collaborate on a clean hydrogen project. Situated in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi, this project is expected to be operational in early 2024. It will utilize hydrogen to extract iron from iron ore, presenting an innovative approach to decarbonizing the steel sector.

What’s more, Ontario, Canada plans to invest CAN$ 15 million in nine hydrogen integration projects. It stresses its commitment to the Hydrogen Innovation Fund. Notably, Atura Power will lead Canada’s low-carbon hydrogen blending project at the Halton Hills Generating Station. It will use clean hydrogen generated from excess water at Niagara Falls.

Moreover, a German-Norwegian study reveals the technical value of establishing a hydrogen value chain for transporting large quantities from Norway to Germany. The study underscores the importance of creating pipeline infrastructure based on the need to transport millions of tons annually, starting in 2030. The success of the project relies on factors like a viable market, long-term contracts for low-carbon hydrogen, efficient storage in Germany, and swift infrastructure approvals.

Overall, these initiatives stress the global push towards sustainable hydrogen solutions, aligning with emission reduction targets and economic growth objectives.

Source from Reuters Events | Renewables

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