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On December 5th, Focus – The Meeting Place for International Production in London will showcase ‘FILM IN CYPRUS (followed by Networking)’. The Cyprus Film Commission will sponsor this event at the Business Design Centre London. It also extends a unique opportunity for film producers worldwide to engage with over 250 exhibitors from across the globe. What’s more, it will foster meaningful connections in the realm of international film production.

Lefteris Eleftheriou
Commissioner Lefteris S. Eleftheriou, Film in Cyprus

Furthermore, Film Commissioner Lefteris S. Eleftheriou, set to be the keynote speaker, expressed his anticipation following the triumph of the prestigious Rose d’Or Awards. The Cypriot delegation is now gearing up for the Focus event. It is exclusively tailored for locations, establishing its prominence as the largest location event in Europe. Moreover, Eleftheriou outlined the agenda, including a presentation and a cocktail party. The attendees include film commissions from all corners of Europe, directors, and numerous attendees from the US. Hollywood’s exploration of locations beyond the US fuels the significance of their presence at this event.

Amidst this, Eleftheriou will participate in the annual general meeting of the European Film Commission Network as a Board member. Thus, he will further underline the strategic positioning of Cyprus in the global film industry. Also, Elefteriou reflected on the success of the Rose d’Or 2023 Awards. He highlighted the promotion of Cyprus’ logo and its integration into the fabric of the event.

According to Focus, Cyprus stands out as a unique natural film studio, boasting a polymorphic landscape with unexplored sceneries. The Cyprus Film Commission shoulders the responsibility of facilitating preapproved productions. It offers support in crew acquisition, location scouting, permits, and licenses.

Lastly, Film in Cyprus emerges as a pivotal endeavor to elevate the audio-visual sector. The government’s introduction of a comprehensive incentive package aims to entice international producers to select Cyprus as their preferred film destination. This lines up with Cyprus’ commitment to becoming a cinematic hub.

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