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HDF Energy and Falcon Capital Dakhla have revealed plans to develop a green hydrogen production facility in Morocco. Falcon Capital Dakhla will launch this ambitious venture, known as the White Dune. It is poised to receive a substantial initial investment of $2 billion.

Moreover, the objective of the project is to attain an impressive capacity of 10GW in wind energy with 7GW in photovoltaic energy and 8GW in electrolyzer complementing it. The timeline for the commencement of hydrogen production is 2028. This will mark a significant milestone in the quest for sustainable energy solutions.

Furthermore, leading the charge in hydrogen infrastructure and fuel cell designs, HDF Energy is essential in realizing the project. The company is responsible for both project development and co-development and is under the guidance of its CEO Damien Havard. HDF Energy is confident in its collaboration with Falcon Capital Dakhla. This partnership will catapult Morocco into the forefront of global green hydrogen production. It also promises competitiveness on an unprecedented scale.

Additionally, Falcon Capital Dakhla’s Founder and President, Majid Slimani, sheds light on the extensive groundwork that preceded this announcement. Devoting nearly two full years to exhaustive feasibility studies, preliminary project design, and phased planning across an expansive projected area of 150,000 hectares, the commitment underscores the meticulous approach taken to ensure the success of the White Dunes project.

Lastly, insights from Africa’s Green Energy Resolution Report underscore the significance of this collaboration. According to the report, Africa holds the potential to produce 30-60 million tonnes of hydrogen annually, accompanied by a substantial price tag ranging from $680 billion to $1,300 billion. The strategic partnership between HDF Energy and Falcon Capital Dakhla positions Morocco as a key player in this green energy revolution, poised to harness its natural resources for a sustainable and lucrative future.

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