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The UK’s Department for Transport and Innovate UK have granted over £30m to the Hydrogen Aggregated UK Logistics (HyHaul) project. Protium will lead the project to deploy 30 hydrogen fuel cell heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) on UK roads by 2026.

Moreover, the project envisions uniting various elements of the hydrogen supply chain. That includes green hydrogen production, logistics, refueling infrastructure, and fuel cell HGV manufacturers. The plan is to introduce these eco-friendly vehicles along a major transit route from London to South Wales.

Besides, the consortium, in collaboration with ReFuels’ CNG, Scania, NRG Riverside, and Reynolds Logistics, plans to have 30 hydrogen-fueled HGVs. They will be capable of carrying up to 44 tonnes, in operation by 2026.

They also have even more ambitious plans to deploy 300 such vehicles by 2030. The project will provide vehicle OEMs and fleet operators with operational data on the performance of first-generation fuel cell trucks. This will potentially remove adoption barriers.

UK Funds HyHaul: 30 HGVs by 2026
© Protium

Additionally, Chris Jackson, CEO of Protium, emphasized that the HyHaul project exemplifies the potential for green hydrogen adoption in the UK’s long-distance haulage sector. It will reduce the nation’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 1m tonnes annually by 2030.

What’s more, Protium’s Pioneer One project in South Wales commenced hydrogen production in a separate initiative. has been refueling the region’s buses. Reynolds Logistics and FSEW, among others, anticipate significant emissions reductions in the HGV sector using green hydrogen.

Lastly, the funding for this project is part of the UK Government’s more significant investment of £200m. It will deploy up to 370 zero-emission trucks nationwide. Roads Minister Richard Holden underlines the importance of the freight and logistics sector in the economy, aiming to drive innovation, create jobs, and support a brighter future for this crucial industry.

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