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South Africa prepares to host the African Growth and Opportunity Act Summit this year in Johannesburg. This will occur despite the recent diplomatic strains with the US. In June, US legislators urged moving the summit due to alleged arms shipments to Russia by South Africa.

However, an internal judicial panel has cleared the country of any wrongdoing. This led to a reaffirmed commitment to shared growth between the two nations.

US Ambassador Katherine Tai emphasized the significance of the AGOA Forum as an opportunity to strengthen ties with AGOA countries.

Despite recent controversies, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa called for the renewal of the AGOA agreement for another decade. The current format of AGOA expires in 2025.

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Moreover, Ramaphosa highlighted the importance of South Africa-US relations. He stated that the US remains a crucial economic partner with substantial potential for further expansion of economic ties. AGOA currently benefits eligible sub-Saharan countries by providing access to US markets for thousands of products.

As of 2021, South Africa generated approximately $2.7 billion in revenue, mainly from vehicles, jewelry, and metals. The controversy began in December 2022 when a Russian ship, the Lady R, docked at a South African military base. This led to the politicization of the AGOA agreement by bipartisan representatives in the US.

However, a subsequent South African investigation cleared the country of exporting arms to Russia. This resulted in a restored commitment by representatives of both countries to mend strained relations.

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The AGOA summit unites delegates from member countries, regional entities, and public and private sectors. The goal is to strengthen trade and economic ties between the US and sub-Saharan Africa.

Lastly, the summit will take place in Johannesburg, 2-4 November. It will also feature a ‘Made in Africa’ exhibition, focused on demonstrating regional value chains on the continent. South Africa’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Ebrahim Patel, reiterated the commitment to extending the AGOA deal. He emphasized that it would promote inward investment in Africa.


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