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The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) recently announced the commencement of the Hydrogen Headstart program. It is a monumental initiative with a $2 billion budget.

This landmark program aspires to propel Australia’s hydrogen industry forward. It is an opportunity for Australia to become a global leader in hydrogen production.

Moreover, the Hydrogen Headstart program calls for projects aspiring to generate renewable hydrogen or its derivatives on a large scale. These projects can apply for a production credit spanning a decade. They will also bridge the financial gap between the cost of renewable hydrogen production and its prevailing market price.

The design of this program is the result of extensive consultations involving numerous stakeholders. A total of 114 written submissions and three public forums with over 400 participants shaped the collaboration between ARENA and the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment, and Water.

In addition, renewable hydrogen could revolutionize Australia’s energy landscape, even in traditionally challenging sectors. However, the growing industry necessitates government support to achieve scale and viability.

Hydrogen Headstart builds upon ARENA’s impressive track record in renewable hydrogen. They have committed over $308 million to 46 groundbreaking projects since 2017.

ARENA’s support spans the entire spectrum of development. From early-stage research and deployment projects to pioneering ventures such as hydrogen refueling stations, hydrogen-powered trucks, and hydrogen for the production of renewable ammonia, alumina refining, and remote power generation.

Darren Miller, the CEO of ARENA, has hailed Hydrogen Headstart as a transformative leap forward in Australia’s renewable hydrogen endeavors. He emphasized, “With Australia’s abundant renewable energy resources, we’re well positioned to become a global leader in the renewable hydrogen industry.”

This initiative stands as the Australian Government’s most substantial investment in renewable hydrogen to date, marking a pivotal moment in unlocking Australia’s potential as a renewable energy superpower.

Expressions of Interest are currently open and will remain as such until November 10, 2023.

Source: Australian Renewable Energy Agency

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