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Recently, affluent Americans have been strengthening their ties with Europe, investing in holiday homes and yachts in the Mediterranean, and educating their children in European schools and universities. Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti, Managing Partner at Chetcuti Cauchi, a top-tier Maltese law firm, observed that, “a growing number of Americans are exploring Malta for citizenship and residency solutions because it ticks all the right boxes. Steeped in culture and a rich history Malta is fervently committed to an innovative future, evident in its industry-leading legal frameworks for the blockchain, biotech, and aviation sectors.”

Not only is it a cosmopolitan, English-speaking, family-friendly hub with an enviable quality of life, but also a reputable investor jurisdiction fully compliant with all international financial standards. Applicants for the Maltese residency and citizenship programs must submit to a robust due diligence process that ensures only fit and proper investors are approved. Investors who relocate to Malta for the majority of the year become tax resident, but as Chetcuti notes, unsurprisingly, many clients want to be tax resident in Malta and apply for attractive special tax program which Malta offers.

“We have seen an uptick in demand for Malta’s investor migration program,” Chetcuti highlighted, “especially now as geopolitical unrest has spurred wealthy families to devise ways to protect their assets, businesses, and family interests.” With over 85 lawyers at Chetcuti Cauchi, a firm specialized in all aspects of law from tax, to immigration, corporate and commercial matters, they have been instrumental in crafting holistic strategies for family offices and high-net-worth individuals globally. They have experience with EU-US tax compliance, can assist with business structuring, asset holding companies, asset protection trusts, as well as property ownership structures that mitigate investors’ tax exposure. Get in touch with Dr Chetcuti today for an exploratory call about Malta.

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