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With a diverse range of services encompassing Corporate, Tax Compliance and Residency domains, Papilio Services stands as a licensed entity renowned for its expertise and experience in Malta.

“One of the standout aspects of Papilio’s portfolio is our adeptness in assisting individuals and families from across the globe in establishing tax residency in Malta, which offers unique tax incentives to attract both Non-EU entrepreneurs and High Net Worth Individuals” explained Louise Vella, the co-founder and Director of Papilio Services.

Among the notable initiatives that Malta offers, the Malta Global Residence Program holds a prominent place as it extends a welcoming hand to non-EU investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking a favorable tax regime. Furthermore, Vella elaborates on the Malta Retirement Program, an offering that extends its benefits to individuals of all nationalities. This program provides an enticing proposition with a flat 15% tax rate on foreign pension income received in Malta, thus paving the way for a secure and financially optimized retirement.

Papilio’s prowess extends to corporate matters as well. Vella underscores Malta’s appeal as an ideal destination for business operations through company registration. This structure not only provides asset and liability separation from shareholders but also presents an advantageous tax regime. Malta-based holding companies, in particular, emerge as a reliable option for mergers and acquisitions due to their tax efficiency, flexibility, and alignment with EU compliance standards.

Worth noting is the fact that already many American entrepreneurs are exploring the formation of a Maltese corporate structure. “Thanks to the EU Single Market, Maltese entities can benefit from the free movement of goods, services, capital, and people across borders, unlocking foreign entrepreneurs access to Europe” Vella highlighted.

Papilio has a multi-lingual team, a truly global reach with offices in the Netherlands and Czech Republic, and an international network of partners delivering multi-jurisdictional solutions in the tax compliance, corporate services and residency arenas.  Get in touch with Ms Vella today to explore Malta’s solutions.

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