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“Malta is the ideal choice for US investors looking for residency in Europe,” shared Jean-Francois Harvey, Founder and Managing Partner of Harvey Law Group (HLG). The Malta Permanent Residence Program requires individuals to meet compliance checks, prove their source of funds and demonstrate they have at least EUR 500,000 of assets available throughout the first five years of their permit.  

“Malta is one of the few programs globally that allows investors a rental option instead of exclusively necessitating a property purchase, donation, funds investment or government bond. It also offers an enviable quality of life and world-class health and academic institutions.” If citizenship is the end-goal, Malta offers a path to citizenship provided the investor complies with conditions including minimum residency. Residents that opt to live there a naturalization route after 7 years, a shorter time-frame than Spain’s naturalization route which involves 10 years of residency.  

HLG, with over 30 years of experience in Citizenship and Residency by Investment, Ancestry Citizenship, and Retirement Visas have noted growing demand in US families looking to move to Europe. Uncertainty and the cost-of-living crisis have been driving many to relocate to places such as Malta, as a tax-efficient jurisdiction with its affordable cost of living – almost 39% less than the US. “Business executives in particular can benefit from Maltese residence without needing to make a bold permanent move, as their residency permit itself allows 90 days of travel anywhere in the Schengen Zone in each 180-day period,” added Harvey.  

“We note there is a trend towards tighter due diligence checks on investor migrants by governments globally and at our firm, we welcome this as it will protect the integrity of the investment migration industry,” explained Harvey.   All individuals interested in applying for these types of programs should work with experienced professionals like HLG to ensure all their documentation is correct, and no red flags are raised so their application is processed smoothly and diligently. 

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