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Perfectly situated in the Mediterranean, Malta has become one of the affluent classes’ most sought-after investment jurisdictions in Europe. The island nation offers a high quality of life to those who choose to relocate there whether they are digital nomads or entrepreneurs, seasoned investors, or wealthy families, Malta truly is an idyllic wealth hub.  Its cosmopolitan cities weave modernity with heritage, and innovation with tradition, offering top-tier academic and medical services at your fingertips. Its legal framework is founded on English law and it has a pro-business approach that safeguards investors interests as well as favorable tax rates and a non-domicile program that make it the perfect choice for wealthy individuals.

The Malta Exceptional Investor Naturalisation program is one of Europe’s most elite citizenship by-investment programs and has become increasingly popular with high-net-worth individuals from the US keen to establish themselves in a reputable jurisdiction. Requirements include passing a strict due diligence review, donating to an approved philanthropic project locally, contributing at least EUR 600,000, as well as investing or long-term leasing a Maltese property. There is also the Malta Permanent Residence program which also grants foreign investors the right to live in Malta, travel seamlessly, and enjoy living in this Mediterranean wealth hub if they meet all compliance and investment requirements.  

The Maltese authorities value strategic foreign investment and have focused on fortifying their budding business hub by luring more innovators, tech entrepreneurs, and forward thinkers to their shores. There are various Start-Up visas and immigration routes as well as numerous fiscal incentives available for those who choose to launch their corporate endeavor in Malta.  

Politically stable, fiscally attractive, and geographically well positioned it is no wonder that demand for Malta has been booming in recent years as those with the means to have been investing in and relocating to this European safe haven. 

Article by Civitas Post