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International investors have been avidly exploring Malta’s investment migration solutions recently, noted David Borg, a Founding Partner of ARQ Group (ARQ).  Some of the key reasons for the surge in Malta’s popularity are “its straightforward yet robust residence and citizenship programs that ensure only high-caliber applicants are eligible. Affluent retirees and high-net-worth individuals are drawn to the island’s Mediterranean lifestyle, its low crime rates, and its top-tier healthcare and education systems.” 

Malta’s citizenship and residency solutions can also be linked to a ‘special tax status’ with a favorable flat rate under existing fiscal incentive frameworks. “This guarantees tax certainty, which is an invaluable advantage during these times of uncertainty, especially following the outcome of the Moore case in the US,” added Borg.  

“Malta is a viable global mobility jurisdiction particularly for American nationals exploring relocation, not only because English is the island’s official language, but also thanks to its strong Anglo-Saxon principles that permeate the country’s administrative procedures,” informed Borg.  Strategically located in Europe, Malta is committed to innovation, technology, and it is a fully transparent business centre for entrepreneurs who want to grow their start-ups or re-structure global holdings.  

ARQ can support HNW and UHNW individuals who want to relocate to a thriving EU nation. ARQ is unique in that it is a joint venture between a law firm and an accounting/tax advisory firm, equipped to deliver pragmatic and comprehensive solutions that cover multiple angles. Contact ARQ to explore how Malta could benefit you and your family.

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