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The Aspen Trust Group is one of the pioneers of the corporate services industry in Cyprus. Since the establishment of the Group in 1998, it provides financial advisory, consulting services and international structuring solutions to Corporates and High Net Worth Individuals. Specific services include the setup and management of entities globally, legal and administration services, banking and tax compliance, accounting, financial management and restructuring, re-domiciliation, patent registration, residency and immigration, cross-border mergers, family office services, intellectual property consulting and headquartering.

“At the Aspen Trust Group, we are passionately proactive, carefully reactive, and we hold our clients by the hand at all times,” said Marina Zevedeou, the CEO. “We understand that businesses and individuals see financial success as a way to provide security and support for their families, which is why we see our clients as our family. Since 1998, the vision of Aspen Trust Group is to be part of each client’s success story, and this is achieved by providing tailored solutions that are efficient and professional for our clients and then assisting in the planning, implementation and management stages of business growth, navigating them carefully through the new legislations” she added.

The Aspen Trust Group has worked one-on-one with corporate and private clients to provide strong, flexible, and evolving business solutions. This is the Aspen tree philosophy. Inspired by the connectivity network found in an Aspen Forest, the firm’s professionals work together with clients to understand and tailor multi-disciplinary services and grow the clients’ potential into a grove of business success.

The company is also proudly an equal opportunities employer and has a workforce comprised of over 50% women from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. “Our diverse workforce is what has allowed us to create strong ties with our equally diverse clientele and has been the driving force of the Company for more than twenty years” highlighted the CEO.

With its continued success and reliability, the Aspen Trust Group has recently been awarded 1) the GOLD Award in the Citywealth International Financial Centres (IFC) Awards 2023 as the Trust Company of the Year (Mediterranean). 2) the Corporate Services Advisory Firm of the Year 2023 in Cyprus by Corporate INTL and, 3) the Tax Advisory of the Year 2023 in Cyprus by Global Law Experts.

Marina Zevedeou Aspen Trust
 Marina Zevedeou, CEO

With the UK’s departure from the EU, many UK-based companies are looking for new locations to base their European operations. Cyprus has become one of their ideal countries for relocation and re-domiciliation as it is an EU member state and provides an attractive EU gateway for UK companies to access the European market, and most importantly, the Cyprus legal system is formed based on the English Common Law which is easy to be adapted by UK based individual(s) or entity(ies).

The advantages Cyprus offers include but are not limited to:

  1. Reasonably remunerated talent and lower overheads: In comparison to other sought-after European destinations, Cyprus provides lower labor costs for both professional and highly specialized talent, affordable office rental spaces, and administrative support services for a fraction of the price of other major cities.
  2. Tax advantages: Cyprus offers a highly attractive tax regime with a corporate tax rate of 12.5%. It also has a wide network of double taxation treaties that provide additional tax benefits to companies. Moreover, Cyprus does not impose withholding taxes on dividends or interest payments, making it more appealing for UK companies. The Cyprus tax incentives are quite varied and affect personal and corporate taxation making Cyprus a balanced tax jurisdiction.
  3. Location advantages: Cyprus is situated in the eastern Mediterranean, which makes it an ideal location for companies looking to expand their presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Its strategic location offers easy access to these markets, making it an attractive destination for businesses.
  4. Regulatory environment: Cyprus has a stable and transparent regulatory environment that complies with EU regulations and international standards. As a result, it provides a secure and predictable business environment that is conducive to business growth.

“Our company has been assisting international businesses in all industries to optimize their businesses and find the right relocation jurisdiction. Since Brexit, our professionals have helped numerous clients to understand the possible impacts of Brexit on their business operations and craft tailor-made solutions for Brexit and beyond” Zevedeou concluded.

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