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For centuries Switzerland has been luring the affluent from around the world, all drawn to its private banking, asset management and wealth management sectors, especially from America. The two nations have always enjoyed a close economic relationship even as new requirements have been implemented to regulate these ties. 

Switzerland has one of the world’s most forward-thinking financial industries and the hallmark of its success is its delivery of reliable, compliant, and confidential service. Global investors have consistently explored Switzerland when looking to diversify their portfolios and when seeking the highest caliber of professionalism and advice for their banking and cross-border transactions. 

Many have opted to invest in its real estate market and others have chosen to relocate to Switzerland. Understandably so, as it has an attractive corporate tax regime for business owners, investor-friendly policies, and a lump-sum tax incentive that it has become renowned for. Most importantly, it has a legal and banking system that protects quintessential rights to privacy and private property. As if those weren’t reasons enough, Switzerland also offers an enviable quality of life, pristine nature, and a heritage seeped in fine art, culture, and luxury.  

At a time when global markets are affected by political instability and unprecedented inflation rates, Switzerland delivers a safe solution for investors. It has a steady monetary policy and a stable government in a sophisticated market that is adapting to the dramatic changes in technology and ensuring it keeps the crown as the wealth hub of Europe, if not the world.