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In an increasingly polarized world, Ireland has navigated a stable political course the past century. This has resulted in a country that combines tradition a sense of community, excellent quality of life, and a highly educated population with the modern traits of a dynamic, growing economy.

Reside in Ireland has been facilitating inbound residency by investment for several years by helping its international clientele apply to the Irish government’s Immigrant Investor Program (IIP). The IIP was established as a secure, permanent residency route for non-EEA foreign investors. Ms. Joanna Murphy, CEO of Investment Fund, IDLF, an approved investment option for the IIP, highlighted that many of her clients were keen to relocate under the IIP, while others enjoy the program’s flexibility and planned to only visit 1 day per annum as per the requirements.

Whatever the client’s circumstances “one common denominator was that they did not want to speculate with their hard-earned savings to secure Irish residency,” informed Ms. Murphy. In order to appease their hesitations IDLF set up the first IIP-eligible investment fund that is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. “Our clients benefit from the transparency and financial rigor the regulator requires,” reiterated Murphy, explaining how important it was for investors to know their capital was secure.

Working through Reside in Ireland, IDLF and their US partners QREA, deliver a full spectrum of services that help American families plan and execute their second residency in Ireland. They prepare the detailed IIP application, which may take up to 6 weeks, and lodge it with the government without requiring any immigration lawyers. If approved, the applicant and any eligible dependents can enjoy Irish residency, which acts like a US Green Card, traveling to and from, living, working, and even establishing businesses in the Emerald Isle.

Nonetheless, the team at Reside in Ireland is conscious that securing residency rights is just the first step in a successful move abroad which is why they offer a dedicated concierge service to support with housing, education, relocation, and sourcing professional services. As Ms. Murphy highlights, “we recognize our clients are making a huge decision to relocate, we help them along each step of their journey. After our clients arrive, we arrange appropriate meetings with accountants, property agents etc to help them settle in.” Of course, with Ireland‘s renowned love of ‘the Craic’ (fun and laughter), Murphy also promises a good meal and a Guinness!

On a visit to Ireland, the European Commission’s President, Ursula Von der Lyon stated, “this is a country of proud Europeans. And today, all Europeans look up to Ireland. Because you show Europe’s best face: innovative and inclusive; loyal to your history and traditions; open to the future and the world.”

Demand for Irish residency from US citizens has remained at high levels thanks to the long-standing Irish American ties between both nations and the renowned quality of life it offers. Reside in Ireland provides a full-service solution to qualified US citizens seeking second residency, under the IIP which is run by the Irish Department of Justice. To learn more about Ireland’s Immigrant Investor Program visit Reside In Ireland or reach out to their expert team today.