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Ties between Ireland and the USA can be traced back centuries, in fact, four of the American Founding Fathers were of Irish descent. Irish immigrants were partly responsible for the successful development of what is today a global powerhouse.

The relationship has though in no way been unilateral as over 900 American companies have invested in Ireland and employed a quarter million people, building stronger economic ties between both nations.  The Emerald Isle has lured US investors thanks to its highly educated workforce, its openness to foreign trade, its business incentives, and low corporate tax rate.

A growing number of affluent American families are exploring routes to invest in and reside in Ireland with the most popular being the Irish Immigrant Investor program. This allows high-net-worth individuals the option of obtaining a residency permit in one of Europe’s most forward-thinking, friendly, innovative, and multicultural countries. Those that opt to stay and qualify for naturalization will also be able to benefit from the privileges of Irish citizenship, as it is an EU Member State and party to the Common Travel Agreement with the UK, which grants citizens the right to live, work, study and vote in both jurisdictions. 

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