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Black Lion Ireland (BLI) is an Irish-based consultancy firm that assists potential investors in understanding the various investment opportunities available through the Immigrant Investment Program (IIP).

The IIP is one of Europe’s most attractive residence-by-investment programs which allows eligible investors residency in Ireland, the only English-speaking country in the European Union.  Demand from US applicants has been soaring as a growing number of Americans are looking at investing or even relocating abroad. In recent months the dollar strengthened to record highs against the euro, positioning Ireland as an exceptional value for American investors and driving demand even higher.

Under the IIP there are 3 different investment categories as well as an endowment option. Within each of these categories, there can be many alternative projects to choose from, depending on the investor’s appetite for risk, industry preference etc. 

Both founders of BLI, Val O’Brien and Paddy O’Leary, have great experience working in finance and have over the years advised on various multi-million-dollar transactions. They now apply this expertise to support potential investors in their IIP journey by assessing the investor’s appetite for risk and researching the most suitable Irish investments. BLI also liaise with the investment or endowment promoters, they assess the viability of these opportunities and present these to the investors, highlighting all the risks and key considerations concisely.  

BLI has disrupted the market by offering an innovative solution, the unbiased, transparent assessment of potential investments and their possible suitability for investors. Founder Val O’Brien stated that, “we noticed that most investors were being guided by their immigration agents and only being shown one or two select projects, when the IIP is so much more than this.” 

O’Brien went on further to explain, “BLI are not regulated investment advisors and we think that this is important because our job is not to sell a particular investment or endowment in Ireland. We are conscious that our role is not to ultimately advise the investor what decision they should make but rather to equip them with facts and knowledge regarding opportunities, particularly around areas of risk, security, and the track record of promoters etc. For the investor, finding the most appropriate investment or endowment is one of the quintessential parts of their Immigrant Investment Program application. From the point of view of BLI, we engage and are available on a regular basis for each of our clients throughout. There is no time pressure from our side as we believe that investors should only make their selection if and when they are ready to do so. One of the fundamental priorities for BLI is that the investor be in full control of the entire decision-making process.”

If you would like to learn more about BLI’s services, or find out more about the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme as a route to relocate to Ireland, then please visit their website ( or reach out to Mr. O’Brien directly for a preliminary consultation.