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The Baltic States are located in the northeastern region of Europe containing the countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and are bounded on the west and north by the Baltic Sea and on the east by Russia. Based on its location, the region has gained increased importance for the US and NATO following the escalation of the war in Ukraine in February 2022.

The United States enjoys a deep, long-standing 100-year-old relationship with all Baltic states, which have maintained their commitment to democratic ideals and free markets since becoming independent. While economic ties remain limited, the U.S. State Department identifies “growing commercial opportunities” and “room for growth” between the U.S. and the Baltic States.

US Exports$1.24 billion$413.2 million$449.8 million
US Imports$2 billion$686.3 million$1.9 billion
US FDI$182 million (2020)$37 million (2020)$74 million (2020)
Employment5,100 people1,700 people3,000 people
2021 figures  from Congressional Research Service Report: “Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania: Background and U.S. Baltic Relations”