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Riga is the capital of Latvia and the 3rd largest city in Northern Europe with a metropolitan area population of more than 1 million. The city serves as a regional air hub hosting the largest airport in the Baltics with direct flights to over 100 destinations provided by 20 airlines. As a member of EU, NATO and OECD, Latvia ensures safe and reliable environment with unlimited growth potential within the single European market. In 2021 Latvia was ranked 2nd among OECD countries in the International Tax Competitiveness Index and 1st in Baltics Bloomberg Innovation Index.

Riga has thriving startup ecosystem, multilingual and highly qualified talent pool and lowest cost of doing business in the Baltics.  “Riga provides open and attractive environment for business with equal treatment for local and foreign investors, offering several support mechanisms for investments in Global business services and financial services, High value-added manufacturing, real estate development, ICT, startups and filming industry” explained Mr. Fredis Bikovs, the Director of Riga Investment and Tourism Agency

The Agency offers various infrastructure funding options, support programs for startup ecosystems as well as relocation support programs. ‘Work in Riga’ platform connects international talent with potential employers and provides a single point of contact for migration-related questions. “We provide information, solve bottlenecks and ensure a thriving and sustainable environment for business development, thereby supporting the existing investment projects as well as attracting new ones, boosting tourism development and international recognition of Riga” added the Director.

While most of the cities have one or two postcard-perfect streets, Riga has a whole area lined with perfectly preserved architecture, ranging from Romanticism to Gothic and Baroque. Vivid nightlife, rich art and culture offerings, excellent transportation and mobility infrastructure, lots of leisure activities for both families and individuals – all this makes Riga a perfect place for maintaining a perfect work/life balance. “While comparatively large and well-connected, Riga is compact enough for a company to be able to make an impact. Our city has a huge potential for business development in the region with a competitive economy, tax regulation and cost-effectiveness. We welcome you to unlock the potential of Riga!” stated Bikovs.