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Throughout three generations of attorneys, spanning over 50 years, Law Offices Macesic and Partners LLC has been providing assistance to international clients from various legal systems. At the same time the Croatian legal system transformed from unique social ownership and self-management to European Union (EU) continental legal system. Transition, although from the legislative point ended, in practice sometimes still causes uncertainty or difficulties for foreign investors. “Our Firm’s mission is to support foreign investors in challenges and realizing their projects in Croatia. The majority of our clients are foreign entities or foreign interest companies with local presence” explained the Senior Partner of the firm, Miroljub Macesic.

With EU membership and available EU funding to new members States, Croatia is experiencing an infrastructure boom, particularly in utility, maritime, railway, agriculture and science sectors. “Small and medium-size private companies are becoming attractive for acquisition by foreign investors looking to expand in the EU market. In addition, there is a growing number of Technology Startups, as well as bigger companies, that now look for investors to expand” highlighted Macesic.

In recent years the firm successfully assisted foreign clients in acquisitions and major joint-venture infrastructure and transportation projects. “Our team includes a licensed trademark agent, a public procurement agent, an arbitrator and specialized attorneys that enable us to provide ‘one-stop shop’ legal service” he added.

The firm’s experience with Israeli clients dates before the country’s EU membership. In particular, Macesic and Partners LLC handled a dispute between an Israeli investor and a local bank, as well as several other matters in the transportation and insurance sectors, where the firm defended the rights of Israeli clients. In addition, the firm assisted an Israeli investor in establishing a joint-venture project involving the development of a Polyclinic for medical assistance. “It has been a pleasure working with Israeli clients who are understandable, knowledgeable and adaptable, having clear objectives when doing business” assured Macesic.

An agreement for bilateral promotion and protection of investments between the government of Israel and Croatia has opened up opportunities for investors who recognize the value of the Croatian economic and technological development, and even its geographical position as the gateway to continental Europe. “Law Offices Macesic and Partners is ready to help Israelis realize the vast opportunities of this opening” he concluded.