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Times Management (‘TM’), is above all things a ‘problem solver’ as described by its Founding Partner, Rita Lysenko. Located in Zug it offers a full spectrum of services to high-net-worth individuals including relocation and corporate and tax structuring services, as well as lifestyle management services, real estate and private equity investment scouting. 

Thanks to its partnerships with the strongest people in the market on all fronts; legal, banking, and tax, as well as established relationships with contacts at the cantonal and government levels, TM has built its reputation as a reliable solutions provider for those investing in or relocating to Switzerland.  TM’s associates include some of the leading experts in their respective fields based in Switzerland as well as in London, the US, Asia and Eastern Europe. 

There is a high demand for real estate in Switzerland as it is a very stable country, “we provide support throughout the whole real estate acquisition process from sourcing off-market deals through our exclusive network of contacts to negotiating lump sum taxation arrangements at the government level”, informs Rita. As there is a limit on the number of square meters non-residents can invest in, TM single-handedly manages the whole process assisting wealthy families with residency permits to bypass this hurdle.  

Not only do TM provide support with residency permits in their main market Switzerland but also in the Bahamas, the UAE, Monaco, the UK, and Cyprus among others. The team has extensive experience working with affluent individuals from the US, in addition to Israel, the CIS region, Europe and to a lesser degree China and India.  

Rita’s company has moved entire families over to Switzerland, managing all aspects of their relocation starting from real estate investment, to residency permits, childcare and education, sourcing specialist medical care, introducing them to reputable banking institutions, and reviewing their compliance needs as well as corporate and tax structures. 

Numerous clients who relocate to Switzerland already have trusts or succession plans in place, but for those who are still exploring their options TM undertakes a holistic approach to create a custom-made plan. “We sit down and go over the asset base, discuss what exactly the target is, if they’ll transfer or gift, how, if via a trust or a foundation and when, so that the plan we tailor truly reflects their wishes and protects their interests,” advises Rita.  

Under the watchful eye of the Swiss regulator FINMA, it is important to work with a qualified service provider to navigate through the myriad of regulatory requirements when banking and investing in Switzerland. There are quite stringent regulations on compliance, particularly for US clients, and TM has extensive experience in this arena. The company also adds value to foreign clients that require specialized banking and investment solutions thanks to its strong relationships with major corporate banks and niche banks across the country.

Over the years, Rita has grown her client base thanks to her track record of success. Many of her former clients as well as associates refer new clients to her. The team at TM diligently carve solutions that respect their clients’ confidentiality, protect their interests and achieve results.   What makes TM stand out from the crowd is their excellent client service and their truly holistic approach to each client’s issue. As Rita explained “the main reason for TM’s success is that we liberate our clients from all the bureaucracy, legal burdens and administration in all these investment and relocation processes – we are their problem solver”.  

For more information on how TM can support you with your wealth management needs please visit or email