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RCBC bank, part of the Philippine-based Yuchengo Group, has been established in 1960 and has grown to be one of the pillars of the Philippine economy. During the past year, RCBC has been the fastest growing bank in the country not only in total assets but also in loans, deposits and investments. “We are very proud of how we managed the pandemic situation,” said the CEO, Mr. Eugene Acevedo. “Our bank is now the sixth largest bank in the country with over 420 branches, including one branch in every Economic Zone”.

The bank is a leader in digital banking and innovation with over 2 dozen awards earned during the last couple of years. “We have been able to continue serving our customers by embracing digitization, a process accelerated by the pandemic,” explained Acevedo.

In addition, RCBC has been issuing green bonds that lead to investment and financing of various projects such as the biggest solar and wind installations in Vietnam as well as a 8.5 km bridge in Cebu, something Acevedo is particularly proud of. “With our new Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) focus, we have become the leading green and sustainable bank in the country with AA rating from MSCI index and in response to this, we have experienced a growing number of inquiries by US investors.”

Acevedo, having worked for more than two decades in Citibank, knows American culture very well and is eager to establish more partnerships with the USA. “We are a local bank with an American DNA as we have more US-trained bankers than any other Philippine bank, putting us in a position to serve our US clients better,” said Acevedo. “We can provide best-in-class banking solutions, and enable them to do business in the Philippines,” concluded Acevedo.