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Colombia and the US are celebrating 200 years of diplomatic relations, one of the longest in the Western Hemisphere. The two countries have always enjoyed a warm relationship which now extends to a wide-ranging agenda in areas that include a thriving commercial partnership that benefits from a 10-year-old Free Trade Agreement. “Our two governments have a rich tradition of active cooperation in areas such as agriculture, energy and natural resources, education, cultural exchange, and support to indigenous communities. Our societies share the values of democracy, free speech and respect for human rights and the rule of law” highlighted Mr. Carlos Urrutia, the Senior Partner of Brigard Urrutia (BU),the largest full-service business law firm in Colombia.

Consequently, the US and Colombia have worked together closely to combat terrorism and drug trafficking. In fact, Plan Colombia, launched in 1999, is recognized in the US as one of the most successful foreign policy initiatives of bi-lateral collaboration in the field of national defense. “Thanks to Plan Colombia, our armed forces were able to corner FARC, the oldest guerrilla group in the Western Hemisphere, and thereby bring them to negotiate the Peace Accord entered into in 2016” added Mr. Urrutia. 

The United States has historically been Colombia’s most important trading partner, as well as the largest provider of foreign investment. US investors have made significant contributions in many areas of Colombia’s economy and BU has been at the forefront of this relationship since its establishment in 1934. “As has been the case for close to a century, BU’s development will continue to be aligned with the principles and values of US investors. We will strive to be the law firm of choice for American companies and financial institutions with interests in Colombia by making available to them the highest caliber of legal and business advisory services available in the market” assured Mr. Urrutia.