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Strong friendship ties hold Tunisia and the US since the signature of the Tunisia – American treaty in 1797. Tunisia was elevated in 2015 by the state department to the strategic dialogue. Tunisia – US economic relations represent improvement opportunities as Tunisia was ranked as the 95th most important trading partner to the US. Historically the top export categories contributing to stronger commercial relationships with the US  continue and consistently include oilseeds and oleaginous fruits (soybeans) mineral fuels, plastics, railway vehicles/equipment auto components and aircraft. “Tunisia is at the crossroads between Europe and Africa. With a long tradition in attracting FDI’s, mainly from Europe, Tunisia remains one of the main competitive spots in the region when it comes to investment climate and incentives” explained Ms. Rym Bedoui Ayari, Vice President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Tunisia. “As neighboring Libya looks for reconstruction following years of war and with the rapid development of sub-Saharan African countries, Tunisia can play a role as a hub to these markets by facilitating the settlement of U.S. businesses. Moreover, Tunisia enjoys a unique human capital potential and a high level of expertise in different sectors of activity which would definitely add value to any company investing in the country” she added.

In 2020, Prosper Africa Secretary General Office partnered with AmCham Tunisia to officially launch the Prosper Africa Initiative from Tunis. Over eight hundred participants across various sectors and coming from various countries in Africa attended the event. Consequently, AmCham’s leadership resulted in ongoing opportunities for private sector growth and economic opportunity –   keys to Tunisia’s prosperity and long-term stability as a focal point for US enterprises.

AMCHAM Tunisia fully supports free and fair trade in north Africa as an essential link to critical African growth markets and US and European trade powerhouses. AmCham’s progressive engagements with both Tunisian and US-based commercial and industrial manufacturers have been long supported by US investors –  especially those visionaries targeting regional expansion. Pro-active US investors in Tunisia benefit from an efficient, transparent business environment, market intelligence, on-the-ground support, and clearly identifiable expansion opportunities. “AmCham’s mission is solid, tested, and continues to fully support resilient trade and commercial development with the US, Tunisia, and the robust international and regional growth opportunities” highlighted Rym Bedoui Ayari.