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Septimius Security was inspired by the Roman emperor Lucius Septimius Severus who was born in Leptis Magna of the Roman province of Africa, a city in what is now Libya. An Irish-registered Africa-focused security company that provides a wide range of assistance in Africa, from private jets to armored vehicles as well as fully qualified and trained staff, Septimius Security has enjoyed tremendous growth since its establishment in 2020. “In just 2 years, we have grown from having 3 employees to 133 staff on our books,” said Abdullah Duibi, the Irish-Libyan CEO.

Septimius Security was established due to the security issue in Libya and the first contract attained was the Embassy of the Netherlands. “We have not looked back since then and we went on to develop other relationships with other high-profile clients, for instance, the European Delegation to Libya” highlighted Duibi. “This would be considered one of our biggest contracts.”

The company also signed 3 additional ongoing contracts with the embassies of the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria as well as other clients on a per-visit basis. “We have had 50+ ad-hoc missions with 16 embassies on the east and west of Libya” Duibi added. The company’s dual nationality management team (Libyan-European) is what gives them a competitive edge over their competitors as they fully understand both African and Western cultures.

“As some African nations are now becoming emerging markets, we have set up partnerships with companies in both Egypt and Tunisia, as we feel that the African market is very important to us and we are expanding into other countries as part of our plan this year” explained Duibi. “Entering Africa and with security being such a major issue, you need a strong partner” he continued. “We focus on security so that our clients can focus on their core business and we have the expertise and know-how to bring businessmen and women or decision-makers in Africa safe and secure.”

Septimius Securities is ready to continue providing its services in Libya, and Africa in general, as international travel is set to return in 2022 following the easing of COVID19 measures worldwide. “Africa is our home and we are committed to expanding our network and services to guarantee our clients’ safety and security when they come to Africa for business or diplomatic purposes.”

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