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MTN Ghana is the leading telecommunication provider in Ghana with a strong presence since 1996. As of now the company has 25 million active customers, 12 million of those have data plans which means they own a smartphone; and 11 million do their financial services through Mobile Money. “MTN has always been a leader in technology and distribution, customer experience as well as in giving back to the society through our corporate social responsibility,” said Mr. Selorm Adadevoh, the CEO. “We introduced technologies such as 3G, 4G and Mobile Money ahead of our competitors and we have managed to establish ourselves as the leader in these segments.”

Adadevoh believes that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for digitalization and connectivity by 3 to 5 years, and based on this, MTN Ghana is moving ahead with “Ambition 2025”, an aggressive strategy aiming to transform the company from Telecommunications (TelCo) to a complete Technology provider (TechCo) underpinned by five key pillars, namely: the development of FinTech, the launch of the all-in-one super app called Ayoba, the growth of MTN’s Enterprise services, Network as a Service, and finally Chenosis, which will serve as a cross-industry API marketplace. “With the transformation to a TechCo, MTN Ghana will emerge as a very unique player in West Africa and attract some of the incoming international firms that require such connectivity to be able to participate across the region, especially as the AfCFTA takes full effect” he added.

MTN Ghana is ready to offer its platforms to be leveraged by other participants within the ecosystems, whether it’s banking, retail, agriculture etc, in order to become digital players within the marketplace.  “MTN will be here to support everyone, with our technology, our experience, our history and our service. And definitely, we’re looking forward to partner up with the various US companies that will be investing and do business in the region” highlighted Adadevoh.

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