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Cape Verde Stock Exchange (BVC) was created in 1998 in a broader context of policy reforms promoting private initiative in Cape Verde. The privatization of public companies required a market for the sale and distribution of shares and subsequent trading of these securities. Many state-owned companies in the financial, telecommunication, pharmaceutical, construction, electricity and water, tobacco, fuel and other sectors were subsequently privatized through the market mechanism. 

The advantages of African market integration following the signing of AfCFTA have already been identified by stock exchanges in the region, with the creation in 2013 of WACMIC, (West African Capital Market Integration Council), with the ultimate goal of having a single capital market for ECOWAS and then at the African level. “The AfCFTA initiative, and the arrangements in terms of simplification and harmonization of various legal and bureaucratic regulations, including free access to markets, will result in opportunities for the BVC in terms of accessing new and broader markets, in terms of issuance of bonds at international/regional scale, in terms of its strategic positioning and maximization through north/south partnerships (ex: BVC, WACMIC, Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Euronext)” explained Miguel P. S. Monteiro, Chairman of the Board of Directors. This combination of new regulations and partnerships will help unlock the potential of innovative products, especially those targeting SMEs that stand to benefit from free trade and its spillover effects. 

BVC is taking important steps to support the economy in the region and we look forward to exploring new partnerships to develop our sustainable finance services as it enters a new era with the construction of the Blu-X platform, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) aiming  to attract regional and global investment for a sustainable and inclusive economy through the listing of sustainable financial instruments

“Investors should act now to take advantage of opportunities in emerging catalytic sectors, including Digital Economy, Renewable Energy, Blue Economy, Agrobusiness, Light Industry, and Tourism. The Government of Cabo Verde offers many incentives for foreign investment, including the issuance of diaspora bond to our community in the USA. Visit BVC ( and Blu-X ( online for the full range of innovative and sustainable financial instruments we offer” Mr. Monteiro highlighted.

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